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Deciding to get plastic surgery is a personal choice that people make with thoughtful consideration, forethought, and education. If you are ready to enhance and beautify various aspects of your face and body, The Centre, P.C. is here to help. Your plastic surgery in Indiana should start with the best quality of care and highly skilled, Board-certified plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgery is about much more than just the before and after photos. There is a lot of planning involved, both in terms of preparing your life for a long recovery phase based on the type of procedure and also very specific medical preparation. Our plastic surgery practice will be with you every step of the process as we are dedicated to your utmost safety and satisfaction. No two patients are the same; therefore, your aesthetic journey will be personalized in a way which gives you a voice in the outcomes.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery refers to any procedure designed to improve a patient’s appearance through surgical enhancements or reconstruction. Many people in Indiana seek plastic surgery to alter a physical trait they are unhappy with, while others may need surgery to correct something for medical or functional reasons. Plastic surgery can be reconstructive when it is done to correct defects from illness or trauma. At The Centre, P.C., we provide the following services:

No matter which type of procedure you elect to have, you will be working with highly professional and personable board-certified plastic surgeons and licensed practitioners.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

It is important for prospective patients to find a plastic surgeon whom promotes a comfortable environment. A good surgeon will listen and ask questions in order to understand their patient’s plastic surgery goals and expectations. Patients should look for someone who Board-Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification ensures that a surgeon has been through extensive plastic surgery residency training and has proved their knowledge and surgical skill via a rigorous oral and written examination.

Revising Previous Plastic Surgeries

Not everyone is happy with their results from a previous plastic surgery. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of an operation from a different plastic surgeon – whether it was in the past year or many years ago – we are happy to consult with you about potentially getting a revision. In addition, some procedures might require enhancements, such as Botox Cosmetic injections or other dermal fillers which only provide temporary results; or breast implants which are over a decade old and might need to be replaced. Even if you began your treatment elsewhere, we can set up a new plan during an in-depth consultation.

Recovering From Plastic Surgery

Recovery from plastic surgery in Indiana will differ depending upon the procedure. Most surgeries are done on an outpatient basis, meaning the patient can go home within a few hours of their completion. Several follow-up appointments will be necessary throughout the healing process to remove sutures and drains (if any), check incision sites, and discuss any concerns. However, more extensive or complicated procedures may require a patient to stay for a night or two as they are monitored for pain and/or complications.

It is common for patients to worry about scarring before choosing to make an aesthetic change. Although it is impossible to avoid scars altogether, experienced surgeons are good at making them as inconspicuous as possible. There are several techniques in plastic surgery which allow for the minimization and concealment of scars, especially for those that will exist underneath clothing on the body. In our plastic surgery practice we also use gel sheeting and lasers to further diminish scarring, as we will fully discuss the potential for scarring and side effects when we meet with you during a consultation.

Call Us Today to Learn More About the Types of Plastic Surgery Provided in Indiana

If you are looking for plastic surgery in Indiana, our talented staff is here to walk you through the process. We can answer questions, and provide information on the various procedures and cutting-edge techniques we use here at The Centre, P.C.

Our team of professionals understand that plastic surgery is more than simply improving your appearance: it is about empowering you to be who you want to be. Finding the right surgical partnership to trust your body to can be intimidating. Our goal is to make you comfortable by providing safe and effective procedures, necessary follow-up care, and an enriching atmosphere. Schedule your consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for your desired enhancements.

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Meet the Doctors
Dr. Downs
Dr. Downs

Ronald K. Downs, M.D., F.A.C.S. founded The Centre, P.C. in Elkhart, Indiana in 1992. He is an active member in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Downs is also a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The American Medical Association, The Ohio Valley Plastic Surgery Society, The Rush Surgical Society, and The Indiana State Medical Association where he serves on the board of directors and has served as the president from 2003 to 2004.

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Dr. Downs
Dr. Macias

Dr. Macias completed her plastic and reconstructive surgery residency training at Spectrum Health/Michigan State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is Board Certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Viscardi
Dr. Viscardi

Patrick J. Viscardi, M.D. has been part of the surgical team at The Centre, P.C. since 1998. Dr. Viscardi graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, as a summa cum laude. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Rochester in New York. Dr. Viscardi completed his internship and general surgery residency at the University of Louisville, where he served as chief resident from 1994 to 1995.

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