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Top 5 Medical Spa Beauty Trends 2017

Top 5 Medical Spa Beauty Trends 2017

Video Transcription:
Hey guys!  Happy Friday! So it’s Facebook Friday, again, at The Centre Yourself Medical Spa. Hope you guys are having a great week. This week I thought I’d talk about the top five medical spa beauty trends this year that I’ve really been seeing a lot on social media, as well as going to different conferences, YouTube, talking around with different patients as to what they feel is the best trend. I’m not an esthetician so I want to point that out,  I’m not a assist aesthetician, I’m just a marketing director asking people what do they feel is the big trend.  If you have any questions for me make sure you comment below and I’d be happy to answer them while I’m doing this Facebook LIVE. So, what makes a great beauty trend? Well, we have the top five that I feel in 2017 are really going to take off.  My first trend I want to talk about is lashes. So there are different types of lashes that you can have done and what the trend is. The first trend is lash extensions.

#1 Lash Extension

So that is really hot right now. Everybody is wanting to do lash extensions. Here are the pros and cons to lash extensions. Pro is that you get that immediate result, that nice long full-length luscious lash. However, you have to go back every two to three weeks to get them filled, as it would say “filled.” So that can be a little time-consuming. I don’t know how busy your schedules are, I know for me that’s a lot.

Another con about the lash extension is that it does break the lashes. So keep that in mind, it can break your lashes. But another great pro to having lash extension is you don’t wear mascara. So save your money on mascara, ladies. Not mascara, you get that instant look, but cons can be time-consuming as well as can break your lashes. We do not offer that at The Centre Yourself Medical Spa, but we do offer an alternative called Latisse Revitalash.

So here is something that would be Latisse. It is a prescription solution. Some pros about Latisse is that gives you that long lash that you’re looking for, it’s natural so it doesn’t break your lashes. Cons about it, it can be a little expensive, it runs around two hundred dollars to get Latisse. However, it does last around three months, so do the math that might be a good alternative for you.

Another con is you have to put it on every night. So you have to be very repetitive when you’re doing that. So again, that’s a really hot trend. Also, Latisse does not give you the full look; it only does your length. So it depends on the style you want to look at if you want that fuller, luscious look maybe lash extensions are better for you. Or, if you want to go the more natural route, don’t want that have that breakage and want the length, Latisse might be your route. Latisse will be on special at Spring Fling, so if that’s something you’re interested in, it’s a great alternative to lashes since that is one big beauty trend right now. So that’s cool. Our next beauty trend I want to talk about is eyebrows.

#2 Eyebrows- Microblading and Permanent Makeup

So eyebrows are, like, huge right now. Everybody wants to have their eyebrows perfect. You do have different solutions, one of them is using a pencil just seen a lot of different makeup places do pencils. Some people do shadows with brushes, that’s a great natural way so that way if you don’t want a particular permanent look you know you can wash that off and not a problem. A couple of other trends is permanent makeup or called microblading. They are different; I want to point that out.

Permanent makeup penetrates, farther down the dermis, and is permanent. I think permanent makeup is really great if you don’t have like maybe lashes at all and it’s more of a tattoo. Whereas microblading is similar to a tattoo, it is not permanent. It lasts around a year. However, what I like about microblading is it gives you more of that full look that you’re looking for, as well as it to be darker.

So I want to show you before and after of something. So this would be like a microblading look. Can you guys see that? Sorry the lightings not the best in here. So she here have some lashes but she want any more of a definition and a darker kind of a look. So microblading is really great too because it goes within the strokes of your eyebrows. So we do that we do both permanent and microblading here at The Centre Yourself Medical Spa and it will be on special at Spring Fling.

I love microblading. It’s so awesome. But one thing I want to point out about microblading is making sure you’re going to a certified microbladist being under a physician care. That is HUGE. A lot of people can say that they do microblading and they’ve not had the most experience or the training of the knowledge. So you know they are taking a blade going down into the dermis, they are making cuts, bleeding, so just keep that in mind. Make sure you’re going to the right, proper, professional when you go get microblading. But it is a really cool trend right. Now my next beauty trend I want to talk about is laser hair removal.

#3 Laser Hair Removal

So pros and cons that laser hair removal: It can be said as permanent and it’s not quite as permanent as people want to say. You still do have to get maintenance at least once a year, because new follicles do come in and they grow. However, I love laser hair removal. There’s no downtime you don’t get that shaving bumps, it gets rid of your pigment that you can sometimes get from shaving. So it is a really hot trend. If you’re looking to maybe get your legs done, under your arms, lip, we can do anywhere except for under the eyebrows.

We will not do laser hair removal there but we can do it here, the brows, chin, back, legs, underarms, feet, hands, whatever you want done we can do with laser hair removal. And it is probably, I would say, one of the number one requested services we do at The Centre Yourself Medical Spa. We do have certified laser technicians that do that so if that is something you’re interested in it will be on special at Spring Fling. I will tell you that. So that’s really huge right now. So if that’s something you’re interested in that is a big trend for this year. I do have pictures if you guys want to see really quickly. Hang on a sec. Here is part of our brochure; here are some pictures that you can see from laser hair removal. So great, look at that. That’s fabulous. You guys can see that, if not, I’ll post some photos for you guys. Yea today, I know we’re not doing actual procedure today. I just want to talk to you about different trends. Number four body contouring.

#4 Body Contouring

So body contouring is huge right now because it’s a non-invasive, something you do not have to go under the knife to get the results you’re looking for. The pros about body contouring and our body contouring are it’s definitely a fab, our bodies contouring; we use body effects and forma. It has been seen on The Doctors, Kardashians on E, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray. So it is very huge. So we try to make sure we have the latest and greatest technology and Enmode is one of them that we carry. What it does is it tightens your skin, gets rid of those fat cells, and it kind of expands your body and kind of contours. So that’s what is body contouring. It does not get rid of those fat cells, or that extra belly fat. You might want to look at Liposuction for that.

So I want to make that clear: body contouring kind of contours your body. Okay? So it’s great for cellulite, fabulous for cellulite it is not a permanent solution, that would be cellulaze which is an invasive solution. This is non-invasive. So, it’s you know great, if you’re looking maybe to smooth out your love handles a little bit, get rid of some of your cellulite, maybe make that tummy bulge a little better.

I do have some photos for you guys. So as you can see this first one here, she did have a little bulge just kind of just contoured it a little bit, made it a little smaller. But again, did not completely get rid of all that.  That would be a liposuction alternative. Same thing with here, you can see some dimplings here from the cellulite. It broke up that cellulite, which that looks great. So body contouring very very fab. There are a lot of different types of body contouring out there however, we try to use the latest and greatest and you can check it out on The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray whatever. So it’s fabulous and we have a couple Facebook slides on it so check those out on their YouTube our website and it will be in social as well.

Okay, final beauty trend that’s really hot right now, all in my hot, but this one is in particular I would say one of our number one is lips: lips lips lips.

#5 Lip Injections

Everybody wants that perfect pout. So she is one of our nurse injectors here and she is the queen of perfect pout that is like her niche. She is fabulous at lips. I have some photos to show you. But there’s two different types of filler you can use for lip. So the main one we use is called Volbella, it’s a newer type of filler from Allergan. I think is gives a beautiful result, very kind of silk kind of injection into your lips. Lips are great if maybe first off you don’t have lips you, can get lips.

Second of all it’s great if you just want to plump them a little bit, maybe help with that Cupid’s bowl right here. I know that’s for me, I’d love to kind of roll that up a little bit. But they’re fabulous for that. We do not try to go for like, oh I want these huge lips, that’s not really a trend anymore. People want a natural-looking lip but with a little pump. So that is a big one right now and that’s what Volbella is great for. Cost wise for Volbella I think it’s around, for each syringe is around four hundred dollars or so.

Usually people use two to three syringes for their lips. So you’re looking at eight hundred and twelve hundred dollars for your lips to be done, and Dr. Downs does them, so she does them, are other nurse injectors do them. But she is fabulous with them and she’ll be doing that LIVE on Spring Fling for one of our demos. So, if you want to see her work you can check out her out as Spring Fling to see that done. And, it will be on special!

Again, I just want to go over some pricing.

What Do These Beauty Trends Cost?

Again Latisse is around $200 dollars it’s a solution for your lashes so get that link there for you.

Microblading  is around five to $800 depending on how much the color you need, how much time, the length of the eyebrows, that type of thing. Again, that’ll be on special.

Laser hair removal again, that price really depends on what you areas went done. I can tell you, under arms are not around $1,100, lip a little less, facial , so it just kind of ranges from $700 anywhere to $5,000 depending on what you want done and you know, how long the procedure is.

Body contouring– same thing. Body contouring goes by zone. So a zone is, I would say like look at a sheet of paper- a full sheet of paper. It’s like a eight and a half by eleven and that would be one zone. That usually runs anywhere from $1,700, two zones would probably be more like $2,500 to $2,900. So just depending on what needs to be done and how big you want.

So those are the top five beauty trends and lips I already mentioned. Top 5 beauty trends so far this year. You never know, these things change all the time but we definitely are on the ball here at The Centre Yourself Medical Spa. So, I forgot to show you lips, oh my gosh. Here are the lips. So you guys can see.  How great are those?  Look how beautiful! Love, love, love.

Ok so a couple of last things. I have a giveaway to give out so the person who won the VIP bag is Tami Ambrose. So call us, we need to get your information so we make sure you get that special VIP bag for Spring Fling.  Spring Fling is on May 11th, so it’s coming up pretty soon. Almost a month and a couple of days left. Crazy!

I just want to point out a couple of things. So if you buy pretty much any of these products we have a lot of gifts of purchases as well as what might be in your goody bag. So that’s always a question is what’s in those goody bags. So a couple of things I want to show that might be maybe a gift with purchase, or in your bags, you never know all the bags are always different. So it’s just the luck of the draw what you might get in there. So we have a lash enhancer, so lashes fabulous. This might be a gift with purchase or in your bag, you never know. So that encourages you to maybe to buy a product or buy a service, you get a gift with purchase while supplies last.

Here we have a cute little bag and it’s got like a polish and a cleanser in here. So this might make a gift with a purchase or it may be in your goody bag. You never know!  And right here is the daily face crème some SkinBetter Science. Right here, this little doodad runs around hundred dollars. Can be a gift with purchase or possibly in your goody bag. So you’ll find out when you get there on May 11th.

We do have goody bags while supplies last, so make sure you keep that in mind as well as your gift with purchase. So think about it when you come to Spring Fling, you know if you’re looking at maybe looking at changing your skincare line up, you know laser hair removal, a package, filler, Botox, Cosmetic Surgery this is the time you want to come, get educated. We’re going to have demos the whole night. We have some hors d’oeuvre, cocktails, and of course you never know what you’re gonna get in your bag. Even if gift with purchase.

So that’s all we have, I will have you do another giveaway soon so make sure keep up and we’ll be back next Friday. Hope you enjoyed the top 5 beauty trends.

I am so excited for Spring Fling; we’re excited for Spring Fling.  Make sure you guys say hi to me too! So I can meet some of you guys. But if you guys have any questions before then, let us know. Make sure you sign up your friends, it’s going to be amazing. This year it’s our 25th year anniversary so it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Last thing I want to point out is Spring Fling is NOT at our office this year. So keep that in mind, it is at the Hilton Garden Inn in South Bend at the Gillespie Center. So we will not have it here, so make sure you tell people it’s there this year.

Again, hope you guys have a great weekend. Congratulations, Tami on winning that VIP bag. Make sure you guys keep watching I will be as get closer to Spring Fling more giveaways and it’ll be great. See you guys all! Have great weekend. Bye!

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