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Results Without The Surgery

If you have loose or sagging skin on the face or neck, FaceTite delivers dramatic results without comprehensive surgery or extensive downtime.

FaceTite, also known as Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL), is a minimally-invasive procedure that smooths and contours, tightens skin tissue, and stimulates healthy collagen production.

Get the same results as a mini facelift without surgery, stitches, or scarring! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for the FaceTite procedure?

Ideal patients are in good general health and nonsmokers.

Generally speaking, anyone with loose or sagging skin is a good candidate for FaceTite, especially if skin laxity is mild to moderate and excess fat is minimal. FaceTite is effective on nearly all skin types and skin textures.

What areas of the face/body is FaceTite used to treat?

As the name suggests, FaceTite was designed to treat the jawline, neck, check, and  jowls. However, FaceTite has proven successful in treating small areas of the body like the knees.

What should I expect during a FaceTite treatment?

FaceTite is performed with local anesthesia or light sedation, depending on the patient’s needs.

First, your provider will make tiny incisions where the internal portion of the FaceTite wand will be inserted.

During the procedure, radio-frequency (RF) energy flows from the internal cannula toward the external electrode on the skin’s surface.

The heat generated around the internal cannula coagulates blood vessels, melts fat, and stimulates healthy collagen production. RF energy on the surface tightens and rejuvenates the skin.

Power is regulated automatically via thermal controls and online measurement tools to ensure patient safety and best results.

What is recovery like after FaceTite?

FaceTite is an outpatient procedure, which means you can go home after treatment.

Following treatment, patients may experience some swelling and/or light bruising. Rejuvenated skin may feel numb at first, but this will fade.

Because FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure, pain and discomfort in minimal.

Compared to a surgical facelift, recovery following a FaceTite procedure is much quicker—some patients resume daily activities soon after treatment.

Patients are typically advised to avoid strenuous activities for approximately two weeks. In general, patients can return to work in 7 to 10 days following treatment.

How long do the results of FaceTite last?

Results improve overtime for approximately 12 weeks following treatment; however, most patents will see noticeable improvements immediately.

FaceTite results are long-lasting but not quite as long as those achieved by a traditional facelift.

Patients can expect results to last up to five years.


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If you want a healthier, more youthful contour to your lower face, neck, or jaw line, FaceTite is a low-risk treatment that delivers fantastic results that last.

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Dr. Downs
Dr. Downs

Ronald K. Downs, M.D., F.A.C.S. founded The Centre, P.C. in Elkhart, Indiana in 1992. He is an active member in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Downs is also a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The American Medical Association, The Ohio Valley Plastic Surgery Society, The Rush Surgical Society, and The Indiana State Medical Association where he serves on the board of directors and has served as the president from 2003 to 2004.

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Dr. Macias completed her plastic and reconstructive surgery residency training at Spectrum Health/Michigan State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is Board Certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Viscardi

Patrick J. Viscardi, M.D. has been part of the surgical team at The Centre, P.C. since 1998. Dr. Viscardi graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, as a summa cum laude. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Rochester in New York. Dr. Viscardi completed his internship and general surgery residency at the University of Louisville, where he served as chief resident from 1994 to 1995.

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