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Skin Rejuvenation In Mishawaka

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

One of the most effective skin-rejuvenation procedures at our Mishawaka spa is performed with specialized lasers that “resurface” skin, stimulating cell turnover for a more youthful appearance.

As the skin ages, lines, wrinkles, spots and discoloration start showing up. This is when many adults consider routine laser skin-rejuvenation treatments.

While the ideal time to start a long-term skincare strategy is before you notice such imperfections, it’s never too late to see how technology can start turning back time.

Advances in cosmetic laser procedures have allowed The Centre, P.C. to create dramatic, lasting results for people with a wide variety of skin flaws and chronic issues.

At our Centre Yourself Medical Rejuvenation Spa in Mishawaka, we use the latest skin-resurfacing laser technology for clients from Elkhart, South Bend, and other areas of Indiana. While energy-based procedures such as laser treatments offer a number of advantages beyond microdermabrasion and chemical peels, it’s important to discuss your particular situation with a skincare professional to determine if laser resurfacing is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is laser skin rejuvenation?

Laser skin rejuvenation (often called resurfacing), uses a precise laser instrument to gently remove the outer layers of damaged skin. This concentrated process, only available in a professional medical office or spa, directs pulsating beams of laser light over irregular skin, gently peeling off old, dead layers.

This removal process allows new cells to form where timeworn layers were removed. As skin heals following a laser rejuvenation session it will start to appear healthier, tighter and younger looking.

Who are candidates for laser skin rejuvenation?

Laser resurfacing can work for many aging adults and even younger people with specific skin conditions or concerns. However individuals with olive, brown or black skin may be at an increased risk for pigmentation changes during laser work. Additionally, candidates who are prone to scarring or keloid formation are also at a higher risk.

During your free skin health evaluation, a licensed medical spa staff member will discuss both the risks and benefits of laser resurfacing, and help identify your specific skincare needs and goals. If a laser procedure is not the best option for your skin type or condition, The Centre, P.C.’s Centre Yourself Medical Spa offers many other alternative skin-rejuvenation treatments that work successfully to produce smoother, tighter and suppler skin.

What type of skin problems can laser rejuvenation alleviate?

Laser resurfacing can be a highly effective treatment for reducing facial wrinkles and other skin irregularities including sunspots, blemishes and scars. The Centre, P.C.’s Centre Yourself Medical Spa regularly works with clients in Indiana who use consistent laser rejuvenation to help reduce the significance of acne marks, chicken pox scars, smile lines, forehead wrinkles, freckles, sunspots or noticeable blood vessels. Here are some ways lasers work to alleviate common skin complaints:

Wrinkles: These stubborn signs of aging come in two forms: static and dynamic. Laser resurfacing can assist in lessening the appearance of wrinkles that do not change with facial movements (static), as well as expression lines or folds that deepen with facial movements (dynamic).

Scarring: Whether you have retained scars from acne as a young adult, injury or another skin condition, raised, pitted or discolored scars are a common problem that our cosmetic professionals can treat with laser resurfacing.

Discoloration: As we age, skin pigment can shift in color and start to appear uneven and splotchy. Regularly scheduled laser skin resurfacing treatments may help balance the look of variable facial skin by targeting freckles, sun spots and other age-related dark patches.

Skin tone: Over time everyone’s skin weakens as structural elements like collagen and elastin fibers that used to support skin break down. Laser resurfacing can also work to rebuild fresh layers of glowing skin in areas where the face has lost firmness.

Vascular conditions: Sometimes blood vessels are prominently visible on the surface of the face, appearing as microscopic blood-blister bumps or as a red, “flushed” look. Ask our experts how laser skin resurfacing can alleviate symptoms of different vascular conditions.

However it is not necessary to have a specific skin condition in order to schedule a complimentary skin health consultation at Centre Yourself Medical Rejuvenation Spa. Laser resurfacing can create a fresher, more even and youthful look—no matter what skin you’re in.

What are the different types of lasers used?

The Centre Yourself Medical Spa in Mishawaka leverages a few different types of laser-guided procedures to effectively target troubled areas or meet the differing needs of our diverse clientele. For example, RevLite is a non-ablative laser that uses photoacoustic energy to stimulate collagen and reduce pore size, while diminishing wrinkles and acne scars. A quick full-face treatment with our RevLite laser means minimal downtime and discomfort, which will allow you to return to your daily activities immediately.

The Michiana skincare professionals at The Centre, P.C.’s Centre Yourself Medical Spa also use Cynosure’s Pico technology for the most comfortable skin rejuvenation. This well-tolerated type of skin-rejuvenating laser work, also requiring no downtime, helps improve the look of large pores, fine wrinkles and uneven skin texture. The Pico can also help diffuse redness in the skin.

Our Cynosure’s Smartskin CO2 laser is another method that can help Centre Yourself clients achieve a more youthful appearance. This custom laser process works especially well to smooth out wrinkles and tighten up excess skin around the mouth, neck, eyes and cheek areas.

Fractora is a highly effective non-surgical option for tightening skin, improving the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, as well as uneven skin tone or discoloration. Fractora is a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime and very low risk of side effects or complications.

Are there any side effects or risks with laser rejuvenation?

While most people tend to tolerate outpatient laser skin resurfacing well, there is always the possibility of minor side effects following the procedure. It’s important to be aware of risks before you schedule a laser procedure.

For up to two weeks following a laser rejuvenation procedure at The Centre, P.C., patients may notice a slightly pink or red tone to the skin as new layers continue to form where old ones were stripped away. This is typically a sign of healthy healing and rejuvenation rather than a cause for concern.

However, as with any medical procedure, laser skin resurfacing does carry some risk. The highly trained staff at Centre Yourself Medical Rejuvenation Spa is skilled in reviewing these possibilities with people before a procedure, as well as monitoring patients for any uncommon side effects after a procedure. Although rare, these may include infection, burns, scarring, pigmentation irregularity or changes to skin texture.

We will be with you every step of the way, and should you have any concerns before, during or after laser skin resurfacing treatments at The Centre, P.C., please know we are armed with knowledge and here to help.

How long do procedures take and how long do results last?

In-spa laser resurfacing procedures are known for their efficiency, results and limited downtime. Depending on each patient’s specific skincare needs and the type of laser used, a resurfacing procedure can range from 30-90 minutes for spot or follow-up treatments to 90-120 minutes for an initial full-face procedure.

Laser skin resurfacing results vary, like most cosmetic medical procedures, depending on each client’s skin type, age and general health. However you will be well informed about the kinds of results you can expect immediately following a laser procedure, as well as the rewards that come for weeks after as cells turn over and skin rebuilds following laser resurfacing.

The Centre, P.C. ‘s Centre Yourself Skin Care Specialists will also remind you about possible side effects to watch for or be concerned about, and will instruct you on choosing the best topical skincare products to apply after your procedure to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

What’s the laser resurfacing experience like at Centre Yourself?

We have designed Centre Yourself Medical Rejuvenation Spa as a quiet respite—a place to relax, renew and become a healthier version of you. Our oasis in South Bend offers an intentional balance of professionalism, luxury and personal service for all your skincare needs, both short- and long-term.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time for a skin health consultation or come in for regularly scheduled procedures, our trained skincare and medical professionals will care for you the way you deserve to be treated—with respect, dignity and personal attention.

To learn more about the best skincare options for you, contact the experts at Centre Yourself Medical Rejuvenation Spa to schedule your evaluation today.

One of the most effective skin-rejuvenation procedures at our Mishawaka spa is performed with specialized lasers that “resurface” skin, stimulating cell turnover for a more youthful appearance. As the skin ages, lines, wrinkles, spots and discoloration start showing up. This is when many adults consider routine laser skin-rejuvenation treatments. While [...]
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Dr. Downs
Dr. Downs

Ronald K. Downs, M.D., F.A.C.S. founded The Centre, P.C. in Elkhart, Indiana in 1992. He is an active member in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Downs is also a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The American Medical Association, The Ohio Valley Plastic Surgery Society, The Rush Surgical Society, and The Indiana State Medical Association where he serves on the board of directors and has served as the president from 2003 to 2004.

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Dr. Downs
Dr. Macias

Dr. Macias completed her plastic and reconstructive surgery residency training at Spectrum Health/Michigan State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is Board Certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Viscardi
Dr. Viscardi

Patrick J. Viscardi, M.D. has been part of the surgical team at The Centre, P.C. since 1998. Dr. Viscardi graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, as a summa cum laude. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Rochester in New York. Dr. Viscardi completed his internship and general surgery residency at the University of Louisville, where he served as chief resident from 1994 to 1995.

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