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How To Maintain Your Post Surgery Body

For those getting procedures like rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, surgery is typically a one and done thing. You have the surgery, you recover, and you enjoy your new look.

Plastic surgeries focusing on the body need some work to maintain the procedure’s benefits. Think of it as an investment, like buying a house or a car. You’re spending time and money to get the body you’ve always wanted. It makes sense you’d have to perform regular maintenance to keep it that way.

Maintaining your post-surgery body takes eating right, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve recently had a body procedure performed or you’re thinking about having one, read on to learn more about what you can do to maintain your results after plastic surgery.

Eating Well

Whether you’re getting liposuction or plastic surgery after weight loss, healthy eating is one of the best ways to maintain your post-surgery results.

Plastic surgery can change your life for the better, so it’s an ideal time to make lasting dietary changes as well. For instance, if you had a sweet tooth prior to surgery, post-surgery may be the time find better things to snack on. Try switching to fruit or a homemade smoothie if you’re craving sugar. These foods contain more complex sugars that are better for your body than the simple sugars in candy.

Here are some additional tips for eating well after plastic surgery:

  • Avoid fad diets. You may lose weight, but these diets are more harmful than helpful. These diets can cause you to lose and gain weight repeatedly, which can stretch the skin and destroy your surgery results.
  • Avoid pre-packaged foods that are high in preservatives.
  • Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Portion control is key when maintaining plastic surgery results. Eat modest portions, pre-plan your meals, and eat only if you’re hungry.
  • That said, don’t skip meals. Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism running at its ideal speed. If dinner time comes and you’re not very hungry, have a small serving to keep your metabolism running and prevent unnecessary snacking.
  • Eat protein. Lean meats like chicken and fish are an excellent way to maintain a high protein diet.
  • Watch the carbs. Your body uses carbs for energy, but you may need less than you think. When consuming carbs, choose fibrous vegetables and whole grains.
  • Eat some fat. Despite what a lot of fad diets indicate, fat is good for you in moderation. Avoid saturated fats and instead consume the healthy fats found naturally in meats, fish, fruits, and nuts.
  • Know it’s ok to have a treat. Life would be pretty boring if you couldn’t enjoy the occasional bowl of popcorn or slice of cake. Let yourself indulge every once in a while.
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid high-calorie, sugary drinks like juice, soda, and energy drinks. Water has zero calories and is good for your body and your skin!

Working Out

Exercise is another habit you’ll want to get into, especially if you didn’t do much prior to surgery. Exercise is integral to the healing process and maintaining your post-surgery body.

If you don’t feel like working out, remind yourself that it took a lot of time and money to achieve your new body. You’ll quickly find the motivation to maintain it.

Here are some exercise tips to follow after plastic surgery:

  • Vigorously exercising too soon after surgery can cause inflammation, swelling, infection, and re-opening of wounds. You should listen to your doctor’s specific directions before engaging in strenuous physical activity
  • Don’t stay in bed all day. Thought it may be tempting, especially after surgery, it’s important to get up and move around a little bit. Try to get up at least three times a day and walk for 5 minutes, even if it’s just around the house.
  • Once you’re feeling better, you can do light physical activity during your first six weeks. Short walks around your neighborhood is a great way to stay active without overexerting yourself.
  • If you’re not a big fan of exercise, try to make it fun! Take an exercise class like Zumba or ask friends or family to join you for a walk or bike ride.
  • Be consistent. Once you are able to exercise, do so at least three days a week. Exercise works best if it’s routine instead of occasional.
  • Cardio is key. Lifting weight is great for toning muscles, but you burn more calories when you do aerobic exercise. Running, swimming, and biking are excellent ways to burn calories.
  • Don’t get discouraged. It takes time to see the benefits of exercise. For the first weeks after surgery you won’t be able to do much so you may gain a few pounds. Once your exercise restrictions are lifted, you can kick it into high gear and get your body back in shape.

Caring for Your Skin

A big part of staying healthy after plastic surgery is tending to your scars. What you do after surgery, especially in the days following your procedure, will make a big difference in how your scars heal.

There is no way to prevent scarring. It’s your body’s natural response. When making the initial incisions, your surgeon will do the best they can to choose an area of the body where scars can be easily hidden.

The rest is up to you. Your first step is to observe physical restrictions and avoid lifting heavy objects or exercising too hard. Both of these activities can stretch scars, making them wider once healed.

Next, you’ll want to protect the incision site from infection by keeping it clean. Avoid sun exposure and use the topical products your doctor recommends. Lastly, keep your skin hydrated with lotion. Choosing a lotion that contains cocoa butter can help you heal and lessen the appearance of scars. Before using any product, consult with your plastic surgeon to make sure it won’t interfere with healing.

Body Procedures at The Centre, P.C.

The positive emotional and physical effects plastic surgery can have on a person are truly amazing. Many people leave our recovery rooms feeling happier and healthier. Using this boost of confidence to your advantage can help you replace old, bad habits with newer, healthier ones.

The more you do to maintain your post-surgery body through exercise, diet, and skin care, the longer your results will last. Without regular maintenance, you risk ruining the benefits plastic surgery provided to you. As long as you follow these tips, procedures like tummy tucks, cellulite reduction, and thigh lifts can last a long time.

At The Centre, P.C., we offer a comprehensive range of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments for the body. In fact, we like to think our patients have endless possibilities for making positive changes. Unlock your body’s true potential. Contact us or call at 574-621-3141.

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