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Brides and Peels

One of the most common questions asked about Brides and peels, is how long is the downtime?

How much redness and peeling can I expect? When should I book this before my big day?

Well, Shana is here to talk about the Transform Jan Marini peel and answer all your questions!

Watched the video and still have questions? No problem! Contact us today and we can answer all your skincare needs!

Brides and Peels Transcription:

Hey Brides! Shana back again for our beauty blog. Today I want to talk to you about our Transform Jan Marini peel.

Jan Marini peel

This peel is great for pigment rejuvenation, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. This is a 3 process peel and great for your big day! Now, this would definitely have a little downtime, you can tell here I’ve had some frosting and redness from the peel. This is very normal, with this peel you might have a couple of days of downtime, however very functional you’re out and about just a little peeling.

Of course, I put my before-and-afters on our Facebook, make sure you look below. However, this will need to be parted out three to four months prior to your wedding day.

So, if you’re interested in having this peel done get rid of that pigment, fine lines wrinkles, get that beauty glow for your big day, give us a call 574-968-3510. Thanks guys have a good day!!

Brides and BOTOX

Shana’s back with another Bridal Vlog! Today Shana discusses Botulinum toxin and how beneficial these injectables can be for brides.

Botulinum toxin is also known as BOTOX, Xeomin, and Dysport which can help minimize and prevent future lines around the eyes and forehead.

How much does BOTOX cost? How long do results last? When should you get this done before your wedding? Shana has the answers to all of this and more…

Brides and BOTOX Special!

Interested in this service before your big day? Call The Centre Yourself Spa at (574) 968- 3510

Video Transcription:
Hey brides, it’s Shana! Happy New Year and congratulations for all of those who recently got engaged. Today I want to talk about one of the most important services you could have done at The Centre Yourself Medical Spa– and that is Botulinum toxin, also known as BOTOX, Xeomin or Dysport.

You may ask what Botulinum toxin is?

Botulinum toxin blocks your muscles and prevents the lines from deepening from your “elevens,” foreheads and crows feet.

You may ask ”Well, I’m in my 20s or 30s getting ready for my marriage, why would I need BOTOX?”

Well, like I said before, BOTOX prevents the lines from deepening. This is an anti-aging method we use, and also great for brides!

I am going to use my own personal experience…

Recently, I had my engagement photos done and what I noticed about my engagement photos, I had angry “elevens.” Like I was squinting from the sun. And one thing, especially if you are having a Summer wedding, or outside wedding, the last thing you want to do is have these beautiful photos with your “elevens,” squinting. Therefore, by getting the Botulinum toxin, it’ll block the muscle movement, and for you to have those deep “elevens,” crows feet or lines.

Botulinum toxin lasts for around 3-4 months. Therefore, my recommendation would be to have at least 6 months prior to your wedding- that would give you two treatments before having your BOTOX done.

BOTOX can run anywhere between $300- $500 depending on how much is needed, everybody is different.

If you are interested in having BOTOX done and get rid of those angry “elevens,” crows feet for your big day, give us a call! (574) 968- 3510.

The Wedding WOW Factor!

Are you looking for that WOW factor at your wedding? Well look no further, Latisse is a must have when getting ready for your big day!

Shana will show you how easy Latisse is to use and check out her long and thick lashes!  Perfect for her upcoming wedding and getting picture perfect ready!

Video Transcription
Hey guys it’s Shana back again for our third week for our Beauty bride blog. Today I want to talk to you about Latisse!

Latisse is a prescription eyelash enhancement which is great if you want that perfect picture look, with those wow factor eyes. Latisse will help grow and enhance your eyelashes and it’s something we carry at The Centre Yourself Medical Spa. It’s super easy, it comes in this great little tube with wands and all you have to do is put a little drop on the wand and swipe it along your eyelash line. I’ve been using Latisse for over three months and WOW! Look at my eyelashes.

We’re currently running a special as of 12/17 by one 5 milliliter Latisse and get the third Milliliter free. So if you’re interested, give us a call 574 968 3510 (This special has ended.)

Thanks see you guys later!

Shana’s Journey Down the Aisle Continues!

Bridal Vlog Part 2

We are back with the next installment of Shana’s bridal blog!

Today we are taking a look at my peel I had done, as well as discussing Jan Marini Skin Care and doing my second treatment of BodyFX.

Check back soon for more updates and procedures, as Shana gets closer to her big day! There are a ton of different bridal procedures to continue, so take a look at all The Centre Yourself Medical Rejuvenation Spa has to offer!

Video Transcription:
Hey, guys, it’s Shana and I’m back for my second bride video blog: My Journey Down the Aisle. As you remembered last time, we had a chemical peel and I did a body FX treatment on my abdomen. So we’re going to take a look at what the chemical peel did. As you can see here, I’ve already had peeling around my mouth and still peeling and working its way up the cheek. Why it’s doing this is because I’ve had pigment and sun damage from this summer so it’s getting rid of that pigment and damage, as well as the dead skin. One thing important at the Center Yourself Medical Spa is that we always pair any type of treatment with our medical grade skin care. I am currently using the Jane Marini line, which is exclusive at the CY Medical Spa in the area. One thing that the Jane Marini line does, it’s an award-winning line, from You Beauty as well as it brightens, lightens and tightens and regenerates those new cells so you have that youthful look. Today I’m going to do my second treatment with the body effects on my abdomen as well as, Tony is going to do my neck because look at that gobble gobble.

Kristen: Hi guys I’m Kristen I’m one of the estheticians here at the Centre Yourself Medical Spa as you see here we have the body effects from Inload and we are treating Shana’s abdomen. And what this is doing is actually putting heat down into the skin deep down to the subcutaneous layer where we store our fat cells and it’s creating a kinetic pulse that will puncture through those fat cells and create hypnosis which is cellular deaths.

So this is very important what we’re doing here with the tightening aspect of it as well as you can hear a little bit of a suction that’s like a vacuum that’s pulling up the skin. Just so we get deeper into the skin with that heat and energy I’ve also seen amazing results with circumferential reduction with this treatment as well as cellulite reduction and helping with any small pocketed areas that you’re wanting to tighten and firm. And this is done in like 10 treatments based about a week apart and I absolutely love it. I would do it to myself every day if I could. So Shana is doing really good with this just feeling a bit of an intense heat feeling.

Shana: I’m in a little bit of a shock wave feeling at the end but other than that it’s very tolerable and patients love it so thanks, Kristen.

Meet Shana!

Bridal Vlog Part 1

Shana Greenlee is the director of marketing for The Centre, P.C. and Centre Yourself Medical Rejuvenation Spa and host of The Centre Yourself Medical Spa Bridal Vlog. Recently, Shana got engaged to her best friend Israel.

Naturally, as a fiancée, she’s busily preparing for her big day in August, which includes looking her best! Over the next several months, Shana will guide viewers through a series of video blogs that introduce Centre Yourself products and services that can help everyone look their best on their own wedding days!

Today we are focusing on chemical peels and Inmode Body FX. Check back for more updates throughout soon!


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