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Tips for Preserving Botox Results

After spending so much time reading up on the benefits of Botox, scheduling an appointment, and finding time to get the procedure done, you may be slightly disappointed to learn that the alterations that Botox has made are not permanent. Fortunately, there are things you can do to preserve your Botox results for longer than usual.

Enjoying the benefits of Botox should not be clouded by worrying about when you are due for more treatments. Instead, we at The Centre have some tips for preserving Botox results to extend the duration between your visits. With a few easy-to-follow suggestions, you will be able to get full value out of your Botox treatments.

Why Botox Results Fade

Botox is a natural toxin derived from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This toxin reduces wrinkles by blocking a chemical signal from the nerve cells that tell the muscles to contract. The less that the facial muscles contract, the less they crease the skin and create wrinkles.

The longevity of Botox is anywhere from two to six months, but for most patients it will last three to four months. The human body is always making the chemical signal blocked by Botox, so although it may initially be blocked, your body stays busy in making more of it.

How to Preserve the Benefits of Botox

Many of the suggestions that preserve Botox will also support basic skin health. Avoiding sun exposure, drinking water, and eating healthy are ways to protect the skin and extend Botox results.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day protects the skin and preserves the results of Botox as well. Damage from UV light causes minor inflammation of the skin and the body sends an army of cells to heal the damaged area. Unfortunately, the cells are also capable of breaking down Botox.

Increase Dietary Zinc

Some studies have shown that zinc levels within the body correlate with Botox effectiveness. Furthermore, many individuals are deficient in zinc. Ensuring a healthy diet that includes zinc is one Botox preservation tip that may also improve your overall health.

Keep Skin Hydrated

Hydrated skin means plump skin, and plump skin has fewer wrinkles. Additionally, skin that maintains hydration is less likely to experience inflammation, which can lead to the breakdown of Botox when the body responds to heal the inflamed skin.

Taking it Easy

Although there are no official studies to confirm it, some physicians theorize that vigorous workouts could lead to quicker metabolization of the Botox toxin. Working out is an integral part of any health routine, so it is likely not in a patient’s best interests to skip it entirely, but it could be something to consider if you are trying to preserve results for a specific purpose.

Products That Help Improve Your Skin

There are a number of specific products that can help maintain your Botox results for a longer period of time by reducing expression lines. In particular, ZO® Skin Health serum or firming serum can help in the following ways:

  • Long-term reduction of visible expression lines caused by repeated muscle movement
  • Lifts, tightens, and firms up the skin for a younger-looking appearance
  • Strengthens the skin by improving epidermal thickness
  • Improves skin texture
  • Increases moisturization and hydration retention, protecting against future damage

Speak to our team about using our skincare products in conjunction with injectables.

For More Tips on Preserving Botox, Call Today

We are available to provide as many sessions of Botox injections as necessary but we also want you to feel good about what has already been done. We believe in providing accurate and helpful information to ensure you get the most out of your treatments. To get more tips for preserving Botox results, reach out to our plastic surgery practice and schedule a consultation. We will be happy to share the latest findings that gives you the best possible outcomes.

Lasting results are important to our clients and are therefore important to us. We know it takes time to maintain your look, which is why we enjoy helping you get results, not just while you are in our office but in between visits as well. Your satisfaction is paramount to us even after you walk out our door.

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